Leaving you behind

So ambitious baby always on the road
to relentless I can’t ever let it go
Give it up and sit down and do what you’re told.
So wrong and I’m the coldest bitch you know.
They take your number but they never call
Don’t want nothing but you take it all
Feel my resistance got a grip on ontop
Using my legs because my head ain’t right
Leaving you behind
I’m leaving you behind.

I heard your secret and it’s just too sweet to keep
I’m telling everybody you can’t take the heat
Don’t it sting, salt got in there deep
And I can’t help you cause I’m just too fucking mean
Go on and try me like you wish you could
You’re too small for how tall I stood
Don’t it hurt that you ain’t that tuff hot stuff
It ain't enough and now nobody gives a fuck
Leaving you behind.
I’m leaving you behind.

I know you saw it coming’
Said I was always running
Don’t act so surprised
You knew the whole time
I’d leave you behind
I’m leaving you behind
You behind.
Leaving you behind’

Amanda Blank – Leaving You Behind


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